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Preview of CAD documents

AutoCAD drawings preview

AutoCAD previewer allows one to do some basic operations like zoom in/out, rotate, show/hide layers and print.

With this new extension LogicalDOC acquires the ability to convert AutoCAD documents and DXF files to PDF format to enable previewing, without having to download and without having AutoCAD installed on the user's PC.

Auto scan files for viruses


LogicalDOC can check if a submitted document is infected. It works with an Open Source antivirus software called ClamAV. This gives you full control over your documents base and will assure you to avoid the distribution of infected files through your document management system.

Multi Tenancy

Multi Tenancy

Normally LogicalDOC is configured like a single-instance single-tenant environment where each tenant (instance owner) runs a single instance that is installed on one server or across a cluster of them.

The Multi-tenancy feature enables multiple independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, which can be installed either on a single server or across a cluster of them. The main instance is logically partitioned such that at each client it seems to access a dedicated and isolated instance of LogicalDOC.

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  • For more information about the features of LogicalDOC 7.1, visit our Wiki.

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