Legal Document Management

Law firms handle every day a large amount of documents

Law firm

File storage and quick retrieval of the documents are the two main challenges of legal document management systems that bring services to law firms.

By using LogicalDOC you will note an increasing productivity, legal professionals and employees can write case files using common word processing software and store those files with specific metadata. Each law practice is automatically numbered, archived and versioned. The software maintains a copy of all previous versions in order to allow for inspection or review at a later date. Please note that a management solution that is matter centric, helps your uptime legal.

Document Control

  • Case management solution
  • Storage and versioning of case files
  • Searchable files and paper documents written using technical specifications
  • Easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation
  • Ability to link data files to create larger case records
  • Ability to convert hard copy documents to searchable digital files using a scanner and LogicalDOC’s OCR capabilities

Handled Documents

  • Client Information
  • Case Files

Involved Offices and Personnel

  • Lawyers
  • Editors
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Managers

Improved Processes

  • Management of the legal practices
  • Creation of files
  • Production, handling, and consultation of case files
  • Legal Technology

Advantages of Using the Web Interface

Through the assignment of appropriate privileges, the web based interface allows direct access to documents by firm employees and anyone outside the firm who is following a case and needs additional documentation. If you opt for the cloud based legal instead of the local server based, all your employee will be able to access the management tool at any time and from any place.

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