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How LogicalDOC Works On Synology Devices

Nowadays companies move many services to the cloud. Storage is not always one of them, especially for large or sensitive files. Network Attached Storage devices, such as those offered by Synology, can provide the convenience of the cloud and mobility, while data is stored and managed locally.

LogicalDOC is an amazing document management system software that can be perfectly executed on any Synology device. This version of LogicalDOC includes a web-based user interface that performs operations, including file sharing, setting up security roles, and finding and verifying business records and registers.

Synology Devices

Even if you start with paper documents, you can digitize them and then have the document management software processed. To digital documents and organize them in filing cabinets using the Synology Network Attached System.

Our idea

Since the essence of Synology is to create Network Attached Storage (NAS) on network devices that change the way that users manage, monitor and manage data in the cloud age. We have created this version of LogicalDOC to ensure that digital documents are classified. Many information systems, therefore, rely on an extensive process for document storage, with certain elements known as metadata.

Our Idea

The metadata surrounding a document provides easy access to essential details for those who are looking for what they need in archives; either by keywords, chronology, topic or other related strategies. Usually, the precise documentation for original storage protocols is an essential part of how fast an electronic document management system is so valuable to an organization or company, further demonstrating the essence of the Synology NAS.

Setting up LogicalDOC

After LogicalDOC is installed and configured as a Docker container inside your Synology, managing external devices from NAS is simple. LogicalDOC is best used as a shared service and allows easy management of document changes from one server. It becomes easy to generate and share information within an organization. It is an essential and valuable asset to your business processes.

Secure your documents

The benefits of LogicalDOC for QNAP NAS devices

Secure your documents

Companies can efficiently manage employee access and increase productivity. Because the software comes with an embedded database, it is not necessary to install additional components.

LogicalDOC on Synology devices extends its reach and expands its document management applications. Now users will find it easier to collaborate and communicate through the storage system with network adapters such as Synology.

All thanks to Synology, with this version of LogicalDOC, multiple team members can work and communicate on one document simultaneously by leaving comments to improve productivity and effective collaboration.

LogicalDOC is the best choice for document management solutions on the Synology device. It has an intuitive interface that is so easy to use that no training is needed. It uses advanced technology and accepted international standards to facilitate non-invasive integration with your system. LogicalDOC solves all your document management needs.


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