Workflow Engine with Automation

Workflow automates document-centric processes, improving efficiency and repeatability of operations. With the LogicalDOC’s integrated workflow it is very simple to model your processes so that routing and management options can be customized to meet the needs of your way to work. For each document you will be able to track the state where it is located in the current workflow.

Administrators can quickly create, manage, import/export workflow models with sophisticated events and processes, where any number of tasks can be executed in parallel or serial sequences of steps. Alternate users can be assigned to each task, and with the escalation management LogicalDOC will take care of notifying the users to complete their work.

Visual Editor
Escalation Management
Starting Workflow

Benefits of this feature

  • All the organization's documents are routed to the right person
  • The document management workflow can enforce your corporate policies
  • More control on efficiency and completion time for all the organization's processes

Feature details

  • Multiple transitions at each state of the workflow (not just Yes/No decision)
  • Time-out events notify or reassign tasks to add process flexibility
  • Notifications and schedule reminders occur via email and/or LogicalDOC
  • Customize notification templates with company confidentiality statements, legal messaging, and more.
  • Automatic workflow executions on certain events
  • More details in the Workflow's Guide

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