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E-mail and Download Ticket

E-mail and Download Ticket

Sometimes customers comes to you asking for a document you have in your system: an invoice, a technical sheet or other stuffs like these. With LogicalDOC it is very simple to quickly retrieve the asked documents and send them as e-mail attachment. You only have to click on the send as email menu item and the selected documents will be sent to a set of recipients.

There's no need to code the recipients as LogicalDOC users, they can be simple email addresses. Sometimes you don't want to send large documents as attachments, in these cases you may choose the option send as download ticket.  In this way your recipients will receive a simple message containing a download link they may use to download the documents directly from your document management system.

Benefits of this feature

  • You can send and exchange documentation with people outside your organization

Feature details

  • Send a set of documents to a list of recipients as e-mail attachments
  • Send a set of documents to a list of recipients as single e-mail compressed attachment
  • Send single documents to a list of recipients as download ticket
  • The download ticket has an expiry time configured in administration
  • A user can send emails only if he has the 'download' permission
  • LogicalDOC connects to the configures SMTP server
  • More details in the User's Guide

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